3 comments on “Day Off!

  1. Mitch! We both think of you every time we clean our chains. And now we are definitely thinking of you as we look to purchase new tires. Thanks again for all your bike knowledge! Hope you are well 🙂

    • Hello Wayfaring Bikers to parts unknown and beyond
      That was quite a train wreck with the tires, most outstanding hanging in there beating and banging away despite all odds keeping a cool head , Road Mange is tuff on tires ( Glass Splinter, thorns, metal } as you experienced they stick to your tires like glue on a wool blanket eventually working their way into the tube , try doing the Glove on tire trick when you stop I told Ale about too which will help to flick off Road Mange. I suspect you bought some kevlar tires, I hope that was your tire of choice, the percentage of less trouble most definately will be in your favor. Nashbar or Performance from time to time have them on sale
      Most outstanding keeping your running gear clean, smooth gear change, less wear and tear, also makes for nicer flat fixing not having to fight nasty black grease build up getting all over the place.
      Also, with the cooler weather arriving sometimes too hot for long sleeves too cool for short sleeves, if you have some old longer style socks that you don’t care about, cut the toes off , then make small cut in heel for your elbow, pull the socks up your arms with the elastic up on your biceps, they make nice cheap sleeves when wearing short sleeve jersey, when and if warms up you just pull the socks off your arms not having to change your shirt from Long sleeve to short,, can do while riding, some sort of wool synthetic sock works best.
      My very best regards , ride safe be careful, never have too much fun in your travels, same here when sitting on the porch of store at the Lodge, or looking up the pass from the Bridge

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