4 comments on “Guffey, Big Surprise! Warm Showers and First Century

  1. Congrats and Bravo to both of you on the first Century as The Rocky Movie Theme tune is playing in the background in the scene when he running up the steps on a training run in Philly Pa, Can you play that one on your Uke Ale ?
    Ale, it appears from the photo you have been taking care of yourself with the daily high physical demands of a Gig being on the Road, you look nice, healthy , trying to keep within the guidelines of a well balanced diet which is Most Outstanding

  2. WOW first century. Impressive! We passed a couple yesterday heading West. they told me they saw 3 girls who got a special delivery roadside but we didn’t think it was you bc you are only 2:) That is SUPER cool of your friends to surprise you like that. Glad you unloaded some weight. It makes packing a little easier:) We bought our chia seeds! Cant’ wait to eat that for breakfast next time we camp. The hotel will make me a made to order omelet tomorrow thank you very much!

    Happy trails girls:)

    • how were the chias? and we unfortunately decided we don’t think we are going to do the katy trail, because we are not organized enough. Ale’s parents are also coming out to visit and have the transam maps, so i think we are just going to stick to those.

  3. Jaimee, thanks for letting me read your wonderful blog. It tells me so much about you and Alessandra, and reinforces my original impression of the two of you: so full of life, so real – everything about you is wonderful, natural and refreshing. The two of you are truly women of substance and it was an honor to have had the chance to welcome you in my humble home. And I can brag that beautiful women visit me in my home – and it is the truth. Please keep me posted.  I am now at the Denver airport, waiting for my flight. Got here way too early, as traffic was too good – even during a Labor Day weekend.
    Please let me know where you are every now and then – people like you and Ale are good for the soul – it is a pleasure to hear from you and congratulations on your first century.

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