5 comments on “We Made It!!!

  1. In the Midwest they do a process called crack sealing to maintain the highways, which is a quick fix putting tar in the cracks toseal out moisture so the road does not bust out due to snow and ice. I suspect that this was part of you obnoxious road conditions which present a constant thumping, beating and banging The roads in the Midwest will frost heave frequently causing large cracks which later become in most cases pot holes. I have experienced riding across Northern Iowa roads having long large cracks running in the same direction you are traveling some of them could be wide enough and deep enough for a wheel to drop in and get pinched causing a spill, flat tire or wrecking your wheel rim. These cracks will sometimes appear to be a shadow or a off shade color line of the pavement when Nite Riding, be careful and watchful specially Nite time.
    Rode many miles at nite myself, great sport and was my favorite training forte in summer.
    Also, watch and be alert of any abnormal behavior of your wheel sets possibly indicating loose spokes and split rim problems , check them often, your wheel set will be flexing more now than it has in the past.

    Happy Trails

    • Yes! We have definitely experienced the quick fix tar cracks in the road. It is awful! So far the roads in Kansas have been better, but not perfect. And we are now going to check our spokes and rims before every ride 🙂
      Thanks Mitch!

      • Yes, doing a regular check up inspection on your wheel set really helps, able to catch quickly and diagnose potential problems noticed before you have a major blow up out in the middle of nowhere, most of the time a program could be arranged to limp in a town with Bike Shop somewhere before things get too far gone being shut down altogether reason why I said something to maybe keep yous on the alert to keep on keepin on Truckin
        Too bad you guys don’t have enough room to carry in your panniers a Spring Loaded Foot to drag out to take care of menacing noise maker problems and other activities of a negative nature, Ha
        Happy Trails

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