6 comments on “Virginia

    • Hey we miss you guy like crazy! Every time we take a day off and we do positives and negatives to see whether we should actually have a day off, our go to positive= maybe we will see Tom and Alison again.

      And if I came across those dogs again I would scream at the top of my lungs at them and then spray them with my pepper spray. Every man for himself!

  1. Sorry about all that, congrats on keeping a cool head through being uncomfortable and stressed out. Sorry about your food poisoning , glad your feeling better and once again underway.
    Yes, that part off Kentucky is very depressed with no industry to speak of other than the Coal Mines which 8 just recently being shut down . Folks resort to the old ways of making money, living off the land , which goes hand in hand making the quick buck without having to work too hard for it, Old days moonshine was big, now it is Meth and Pot being the main cash crop. Be careful and keep your cool. don’t ask questions , you are considered strangers meaning they don’t trust anyone unless they were born and raised there being known through other kin and long time blood lines of country, everyone else to them could be informants or undercover law enforcement. I am not trying to scare you, giving you a heads up on facts as to keep sharp and use your heads wisely as you guys have done in the past. South Western VA is pretty much the same way as described knowing having lived in Culpeper Country , Culpeper VA. many years and traveling all over the state for my job and biking I . It gets friendlier and less creepy north and above Blacksburg VA, if your travel route continues to be in coal country expect the same which is like visiting and living in a Third World Country.
    Yes Dogs are and will be a problem, folks figure in that country that is ok and great Sport for their dogs to chase people and cars, strange I know but that is the way it is like it or not. Know how you feel after biking many miles thru dog territory most of South Eastern United States. Your tire pump with the handle extended makes for a good weapon on aggressive dogs getting too close or attacking when it comes down to brass tacks him or you, hit them hard across the snout or nose area if you can, a lot of time just showing the pump as they get close they will back off sometimes, be careful doing this as not to become so distracted of where you on the road falling off the bike or accidently riding into the ditch or into traffic Another thing, never look them in the eye this makes them more aggressive. Hope this helps

    My Best Regards and Happy Trails

    • Mitch, I love reading your comments! You seem to have advice for every part of the country. We are so lucky we met you earlier in our trip so you could help us through the rest!

  2. Glad you guys are still riding safe and have had only a few minor bike maintenance repairs so far which will always be part of the gig. Keep your running gears clean specially when riding in wet conditions , you are more apt to pick up a lot more Road Mange ( finer grit and sand ).
    You are most welcome, glad to be of service, have a very enjoyable ride through Virginia, it is very a very pretty state.

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